I made a website

6 September 2015

Here it is. You're on it. You're looking at it. How did I do?

It has occurred to me plenty of times to quit solely leaning on the cane of social media and bite the website bullet. I never thought I had much need for my own specific URL. Today, I changed my mind. Sundays are our rest days from training and what better way to spend it than staring deep into my computer screen, coaxing the internet to do my bidding and creating a place that aptly represents me as a speedskating human? Alas! I could have simply watched Netflix and snacked all day. But here we are. On my website.

I have big dreams of consistently blogging for you guys. My mom is always telling me to post more updates. Hi, mom! So maybe in addition to my facebook and my instagram and my mildly active twitter, you guys will come hang out with me here, at sugartodd.com/news

Deal? Cool.

Champion Napper

Champion Napper