Champion Napper

Champion Napper

12 September 2015

This morning we finished our training cycle with a real doozy of an ice interval workout. For those of you that only just read a bunch of jargon there, allow me to explain. We spend our entire summer training in cycles - three weeks hard, one week easy. Or two weeks hard, one week easy. We call our easy week "recovery week," as it is a toned down, super light version of the hard weeks. The hard weeks, well, we just call that training.

So today marked the final day of our hard, two week training block. On ice, we completed a high intensity interval workout which basically means a bunch of skating at high speeds with very little rest between efforts. It feels fantastic on your legs and most of us fight the urge to throw up. You guys know what I'm talking about, right?

Anyway, I came home from practice today and immediately went to my happy place - the place where I spend as much time as possible. My bed.

If you have often wondered what all those speedskaters are doing when they're not skating in circles all day, it's this. We're in bed. We each have our own style, our own accessories - we may switch it up and see what the couch is like for a while - but we are laying down.

After a workout like this morning's, it is important to recover. At some point in the very near future, your coach is going to put that workout on your program again. He is going to have you skate those intervals because it was just so much fun it wouldn't be fair to only do it once. So, until then, your job as an athlete is to try as hard as you did in that workout to rest those ham hocks you call legs. You're going to need them to perform at their best again pretty soon. 

For me, I like to open and close the fridge twelve times until I find the snacks that were hiding in there, throw on some Netflix, and nestle into a cocoon of pillows. Or, after mornings like today's, face plant into the nearest soft spot.

Let the recovery begin. 

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